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Colleen Ballinger is a famous American Youtuber who also starred in her own Netflix special as Miranda in 2019. At first glance, she appears as someone who isn’t attached to drama, until a video was posted on Youtube accusing her of lying!

As mentioned, a 25-minute video called “Colleen Ballinger, Stop Lying” was posted on Youtube and has since garnered thousands of views online. This video was created and posted by Adam McIntyre, who claims to be a former friend of Ballinger’s. In this video, which was posted recently on April 28, he made an official statement of wanting to dissociate from her, as well as Ballinger’s best friend, Korey.

McIntyre is actually a name that is familiar among the Miranda Sings fandom. They first met back in 2012 when he was a huge fan of Ballinger’s and went to a couple of her shows. He got to meet her in one of those shows and they stayed connected with each other through social media. By 2017, McIntyre considered themselves as good friends.

However, their friendship was quite bizarre to begin with. First off, he was only 13 at that time while Ballinger was already in her 30s. Due to their friendship, he got to know intimate details about her life, including that of her divorce. In fact, his parents got a bit suspicious about their friendship given the age gap and the small fact that she was openly talking to him about her divorce!

As a result, McIntyre’s parents started to monitor the conversations exchanged between the two. Ballinger, at one point, even asked McIntyre to gather information about her ex, as well as her friends and fans. Since he was young, McIntyre explained that it did not bother him at all that Ballinger was asking him to do these things – he was simply starstruck and excited to communicate with his favorite Youtuber. In order to maintain their friendship, he confessed that he was willing to do anything that he told her to do.

As a result, he signed up to different gossip sites in order to gather all the information that he could pass on to her. This also meant that his name was out there and was known within the Ballinger fan base. It was only a matter of time until their friendship got exposed. He was getting a lot of hate online, even among the Ballinger fans. This was despite the repeated warnings from his parents to distance himself from her. In order to keep things going, Ballinger subscribed to McIntyre’s Youtube channel and followed him on social media!

While McIntyre and Ballinger became close friends in 2017, there was an incident in 2016 that started a series of questionable interactions between the two. In a live video she posted on Youtube with her best friend Korey, Ballinger talked about discovering McIntyre’s Youtube channel, which she thought was funny. They had this weird prank about sending him a pair of lingerie that Korey was wearing in the said video. He did not mind it at that time, however now he's 17 and he realized that it was not a good look for a woman her age to do that to a young, teenage boy.

In fact, he was appalled that Ballinger would simply laugh at the idea of sending lingerie to a boy much younger than her. In a Meet & Greet event with Ballinger, she even boldly asked him about the lingerie she sent, knowing full well that his parents were listening. When the lingerie was finally sent to him, he revealed that his parents were pissed. In fact, his mother took the lingerie and kept it hidden in the closet away from him.

In his confession video on Youtube, he showed the lingerie that was sent to him by Ballinger, but revealed that he hasn’t seen it since it was sent to his address. Right after mentioning, a photo of him wearing the lingerie over his clothes during a video call went viral on the internet. This prompted McIntyre to issue a follow-up statement to his claim that he hasn’t seen the lingerie.

This was his statement to address the issue:

“I just want to say, fans of Colleen have been sharing around picture of me with the items on over my clothes during a video call, when I was 13. In my video today I state I didn’t see them and my parents took them away, TO SPECIFY my parents took them away once they became aware of them, as they were addressed to me and I opened them.”

He then addresses the creepy fact that Ballinger’s fans managed to produce said photo or screenshot of the video, years after it happened or was taken:

“Sorry if I was mistaken when I said I didn’t see them, yet again I find this very creepy that this was a photograph/video that has been kept for 5 years, behind my back, and is quite alarming that photos of 13 year old boys have been stored in camera rolls.”

He also points out the criticism that he willingly accepted the lingerie that Ballinger had sent him. In response to that, he noted that as a teenager who is starstruck by his favorite Youtube personality, he would gladly accept anything that was sent to him from her.

In 2020, he stayed in touch with Ballinger and this time, their conversations were centered around some of the materials that she used on her show. In fact, McIntyre had offered to send her some jokes and materials that she could possibly use.. These were suggestions to help Miranda Sings Twitter account to build up engagement with her fans and to create viral content.

But things took a turn for the worse when Ballinger was accused of queerbaiting on her social media. The criticism, and hate she received followed after a tweet that she posted of supposedly “coming out” on Twitter. In that tweet, she teased fans the following statement:

This tweet has since been deleted from her Miranda Sings Twitter account.

Needless to say, people were offended by this post... As it turns out it was just a really bad joke, where she was  “coming out” as a Meghan Trainer fan.

McIntyre was the one who actually pitched this  idea to Ballinger. He showed snippets of their private conversation in his video to show proof to fans that it was him who sent her the idea about the post, among other posts that she had on her Twitter account.

In her DM, she wrote:

“If things go well, we can talk about me hiring you part time for an hourly rate. I don’t like using your creativity and insight for free. So just know, I’m not planning on taking advantage of your help and plan on making it more official if it works out that way. How does that sound queen”

Obviously, McIntyre accepted the offer – an opportunity that a young fan simply could not pass up, he admitted. Ballinger expressed concern about this move back firing and her fans potentially knowing that it wasn’t her interacting with them.

Going back to the queerbaiting Twitter post which truly disappointed her fans. Given the social media backlash, she was quick to message McIntyre about the feedback on the post.

She told him: “I don’t want to be in a scandal and have to apologize.” She also added, “please please please be careful. People are very sensitive these days.”

She goes on to say:

“This is one of the main reasons it’s hard to do Miranda now. People have a hard time understanding satire and jokes especially with sensitive topics. I’m so glad everything is doing well. But even though you have the password now, I need to approve everything you post before you post it just to avoid problems. Okay?”

Throughout all of this, McIntyre continues to send Ballinger updates about the progress on her Twitter account. In one particular message, he noted how the page’s follower count and page views had gone up. She responded by acknowledging all that he had done for her Twitter account, even saying how she’s excited to get her Miranda Twitter account back to life.

In their conversation, she revealed to him that she had to delete the “coming out” tweet. She cited the reason for not being labeled as making fun of the LGBTQ community for doing so. McIntyre responded saying, “Okay fine it’s your call anyway.”

But she clearly emphasized that it wasn’t McIntyre’s fault that she got a lot of hate and negative comments. She claimed that she was simply too sensitive and did not want to see all of the posts and comments against her, particularly with that post.

Things seemed all good until Ballinger flooded him with a series of messages citing how she was super upset about the social media hate she is getting. According to her, she did not want people to think that she is homophobic. And now, it’s all anyone is talking about.

McIntyre felt that Ballinger was trying to guilt trip him into the idea that it was his fault that the post had gotten her major backlash. When in fact, she had previously approved of them and even thought it was funny.

He responded to her message one last time saying:

“I’ve logged out and this situation will die down. People know you. They were so excited last night, mob mentality will make them think they have to believe a certain way… The series on Youtube has all positive comments and feedback, Twitter drama stays on Twitter then dies out.”

Ballinger read the message but did not respond to him after that. They also have not talked to each other since.

As soon as McIntyre posted the video exposing Ballinger’s lies, Korey quickly came to her defense. He claims that everything that was said on the video was a “lie” and that Ballinger loved her fans so much.

To this day, Ballinger has not spoken about the issue to explain her side of the story. Until she does, this story will never have its conclusion the way we expected for it to have.

That’s all the tea for today! Do you think Ballinger’s behaviour was acceptable? Leave a comment below.

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