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You’ve seen their videos on TikTok and their glamorous lives with all the fame and fortune they’re enjoying. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of famous TikTok stars?

Kristen Hancher

She is one of the most popular TikTokers out there. She has a huge following on Instagram, not just on TikTok, for her fabulous makeup looks and exciting videos but also because of her resemblance to a famous Kardashian sister – Kylie Jenner. She has over 23 million followers on TikTok alone!

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While many would imagine Hancher growing up in Beverly Hills because of the life she portrays on social media, she actually grew up from humble beginnings. Born in Ontario, Canada, she started out on Youtube showing off her makeup skills. Her fans rarely ever see Hancher with her natural hair as she was always spotted wearing a wig – mostly neon-colored ones – in order to create that glamorous persona. She has been accused by fans multiple times for undergoing plastic surgery or editing her social media photos with Photoshop in order to achieve her current look.

Do you think she’s undergone plastic surgery?


I’m not mad at it

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Paige Niemann

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Why’d u have to be so cute? ♡

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Another TikTok star who's been accused of trying to look like a famous celebrity is Niemann. Even before she got on TikTok, she has been often compared to her pop idol, Ariana Grande, in terms of looks. Because of that, Niemann tried to cash in on that resemblance by making TikTok videos of her mimicking Ariana Grande. And we think she does a fabulous job at it as, with the help of strategic makeup, the resemblance with the pop star is uncanny.

Most of Niemann’s videos on TikTok are those of her acting out scenes from Grande’s hit shows like Victorious and Sam & Cat. In fact, her videos have gotten so popular that Ariana Grande herself eventually saw them and even tweeted about it.

From the winged eyeliner and the signature ponytail, it’s clear that Niemann has mastered the art of the Grande’s aesthetics. But as soon as Niemann takes off that makeup, there is a slight resemblance but it is nowhere as close to the pop star as it appears on her TikTok videos. We’ve got to give her kudos for doing such an amazing job!


My real hair is still long tho 🤍 ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage

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She really did that...😳 @zoelaverne @marcusolin (read bio)

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With a name like BeastEater, it’s hard not to pique the curiosity of TikTok users. Currently, the BeastEater has 7.3 million followers on the app (as well as thousands of followers on Instagram and Youtube alike). She is best known for her funny and creative videos, as well as the eye-catching neon hair and artistic makeup.

But it would be hard to imagine what she looks like in real life – so much so that her fans might not recognize her without all that makeup. The BeastEater’s real name is Stephanie Margarucci and she was born and raised in Las Vegas. Clearly, that explains why she’s so good at putting on a show for her followers to enjoy!


She literally broke my neck...💀 @zoelaverne (read bio)

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When she isn’t filming her TikTok videos, she likes to do ordinary things that young people like her enjoyIn fact, if you check out her earlier videos on Youtube, you will see what she really looks like – brown haired with full eyebrows. And it’s a far-cry from her current makeup looks on TikTok!

Some of her fans have commented that she looked better without the full-on makeup. Either way, you cannot help but appreciate how much effort she puts into making her videos, especially when it comes to portraying her famous alter-ego.

Sebastian Bails

He is one of those famous Tiktok-ers who has created a massive following for their crazy antics and creative videos on the app. Most of his videos feature Lauren Godwin, wherein they call themselves the two “cringiest people on the app”.

When he is not working with Godwin for his videos, Bails confesses to spending at least 2 hours a day doing his makeup, specifically on contouring his face and defining those thick eyebrows. The idea of him not putting on any makeup for his videos gives him an anxiety attack. A fan of self-tanning, he takes it to the next level when he is in front of the camera.


I tried something... I don’t even recognize myself 😱😳 ##tiktok ##foryou

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He also admits to spending money on lip fillers to create a more dramatic look. He definitely owns the look and knows that it’s what he needs to do to stand out. The full-time TikTok star also uses his earnings from his videos to pay for his apartment in LA.

But have you ever seen Bails without the full-on makeup? He is easily unrecognizable, even to his most loyal followers! With 10 million followers, this content creator on TikTok knows how to keep his audience captivated!

Loren Gray

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baby blue

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She looks too good to be true. As one of the biggest stars on TikTok, many of her fans could only dream of looking like her. But did you know that she’s one of those TikTok celebrities who look nothing like they are in real life?

With over 40 million followers on TikTok, and million of others on Instagram and Youtube, she is a massive viral sensation. Her signature look on Tiktok is the long hair extensions, winged eyeliner, and false eyelashes – along with a cute outfit!

But if you were to check out her Youtube videos, it is a totally different story. You can get a sneak peek of her more “natural” look that is a contrast from what you see on TikTok. And while she can definitely afford to hire help given the earnings she makes on her TikTok videos, her YouTube videos provide an insight into her daily routine, which involves running errands, making breakfast, and doing her own makeup.


fun fact i’m actually predominantly swiss

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Charli D’Amelio



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The biggest star on TikTok is definitely D’Amelio. She recently surpassed Loren Gray in terms of the number of following at over 41 million! According to D’Amelio, she is not sure either as to why she’s gotten so popular. She calls it a dance dream come true as she shares videos of her dance routines on the social media app translating to a massive following.

Unfortunately, though, she is not as popular in real life as she is on the app. In fact, D’Amelio herself has noted how she’s been a victim of bullying – both online and in real life. She is the subject of constant hate on the internet with people commenting mean things about her. In real life, people would also take photos and videos of her and make fun of her in private group chats. This is part of the reason why she turned to homeschooling instead.

Still, D’Amelio doesn’t let any of these haters get to her and she continues her rise on the social media app! We say bless the haters, because when they disappear, so do the fans. What do you think?

Promise Tamang

She is an inspirational story and one who’s online persona is completely different from what you see on social media. A massive internet star, she became known for her amazing makeup tutorials and cosplay transformations when she started out on Youtube in 2012. Her popularity grew on when she joined TikTok.

Nowadays, Tamang has millions of followers and she cherishes that because it was not always that way. She was born out of missionary parents from Nepal who built churches all over the world. She was bullied a lot when she was growing up; in fact, there were many instances when she ate lunch by herself. She also did not do well in school, which prompted her to create her own YouTube channel and make her own content.

But when she’s not making content for YouTube, she would rather lounge at home in a comfy t-shirt and pajamas… just like most of us!


Are you subscribed to my YT?! Many more cool trippy videos ##foryou ##makeup ##youtube ##trend ##cool

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Hayley Sharpe

Unlike most famous TikTok stars who had to stop going to school and switch to homeschooling, Sharpe is different from the rest of them. She still goes to school like any ordinary teenager, even though she has over 1 million followers on TikTok. In fact, most of her classmates are among her followers on the app.


pls gimme good movies to watch dc: @anthonycerv

♬ Cyber s3x by doja cat slowed down - spider.webbb

Her parents also made her get a summer job, which was a bit awkward when she has gotten more popular on the app as many of her customers recognized her. That’s not all – Sharpe is also considering going to college when she graduates from high school.

There you have it! While these TikTok personalities are considered “stars” in their own right, some of them might just be like most of us. Did your TikTok expectations meet reality?

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