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What happened between Addison Sterling and Bryce Hall? How did two of the biggest Tiktokers out there get into such a messy breakup? Let’s look back on how their story unfolded…


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Sterling and Hall are two big names in the TikTok world. Sterling is part of the Hype House while Hall represents the Sway House. A few months ago, rumors about the two dating caught on when they started collaborating on each other’s TikTok videos.

It did not take long until the fans began to ship the duo. Due to the hype, Sterling and Hall fueled the shippers themselves by creating more videos together and being more open about their closeness.

In fact, they even had a video during New Year’s Eve celebration. Hall was Sterling’s New Year’s Eve kiss!

If that’s not enough to confirm their dating status yet, the duo continued to tease fans with more adorable videos together. In one of their friends’ videos, the pair was even spotted kissing.

This video pretty much convinced everyone that they were definitely dating. Fans believed that the duo was only waiting for the right time to finally make it official!

But just when things are starting to look rosy for Sterling and Hall, the latter was hit with cheating rumors. These rumors made rounds on social media that had fans really upset over Hall.

The rumors started when fans began to notice that a 16-year-old Tiktoker named Sydney started hanging out with Hall lot. During this time, Hall and Sterling was still a “thing” so fans were quite furious.


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This had fans SUS about whether or not Hall has something else going on with Sydney behind Sterling’s back. In particular, fans were not happy that she’s taking over Sterling’s place and they were not shy about expressing it.

Fans were shook with the events that happened after the rumors of Hall cheating initially broke out. It turned out that Hall was in Miami for a weekend with Sydney – the same TikToker that sparked all the cheating rumors in the first place.

While in Miami, they shot more TikTok videos and in one of those videos it was shown that Sydney had her leg over Bryce’s. This created a lot of outrage from fans who shipped Sterling and Hall.

It did not take long for fans to come after Sydney. And they were guns blazing as fans wanted to let Sydney know about their displeasure of the events that unfolded.

Sydney responded with a Tiktok of her crying, as a response to all the hate she’s been getting from fans. But doing this only made things worse…

That is when Hall decided to stand up for Sydney. But it was not enough to appease fans about his supposed betrayal over Sterling. In fact, it only made fans more furious that he’s taken Sydney’s side!

But the tipping point of the cheating rumors did not end with Sydney. In that same Miami trip when the controversial TikTok video with Sydney was shot, Hall was also exposed for trying to hang out with the flight attendant. In a YouTube video, Hall revealed how he got the flight attendant’s number and talked about possibly hanging out later in the day.

On that same day, he updated his Twitter account to profess his feelings for Sterling. This had fans shaking their heads.

At this point, fans had enough. They were rooting for Sterling to end things with Hall. They believed that he screwed her over one too many times.

This is when Sterling finally broke her silence. She let her followers know that she has had enough with him and that she would no longer put up with his shenanigans.

That’s all the tea for today! What are your thoughts about this messy breakup?

Did you think that the fact the duo never made things official only hurt their relationship? Did Hall take it as a free pass to flirt with other girls he liked? Or do you think that Sterling made the right decision to end things with Hall for good?

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