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Every woman dreams of that perfect wedding dress she’ll wear walking down the aisle. But some brides want to make their wedding dress so uniquely theirs that they stand out for all the wrong reasons. This list looks at the ten of the worst wedding dresses ever made! While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we can all agree that these dresses are remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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Are you ready to find out which are the most hideous wedding dresses ever?

The Longest Train

We pity the bridal party who has to carry this bride’s wedding dress train! A train is an essential part of a wedding dress because it transforms an ordinary wedding dress into a show-stopping one, especially as the bride walks down the aisle. Most bridal gown trains need one or two people to carry it and that’s fine. But one bride in Romania takes it to another level – in an effort to break the record for having the longest wedding dress train.

The Romanian bride commissioned a Romanian wedding salon to create a train that is 1.85 miles long! In fact, it was designated by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest wedding dress train. It stretched across the city and took up to 30 people to carry the train as the bride made her way to the aisle. It beat out the previous record of 1.5 miles!

This bride had only one thing in mind: to wear the longest train for a wedding dress. And with that, she definitely succeeded!

Queen of Extra

Celine Dion is one of the most popular singers of all-time. While the Canadian singer is known for her amazingly powerful voice, unfortunately she will also be remembered for that hideous tiara she wore on her wedding day!

Celine Dion’s wedding dress was not nearly as hideous as others on this list…if only she opted not to wear that monstrosity of a headpiece on her wedding day. She thought that wearing that tiara would bring her wedding ensemble up a notch. But only in terms of how ridiculous it looked!

This tiara made headlines when she walked down the aisle to marry her now-husband Rene Angelil in 1994. It is a cone-head inspired bridal headpiece that is made up of 2,000 glittering Swarovski crystals that had to be sewn into her hair. As for her gown, it reportedly took 1,000 hours to make and had a dramatic 20-foot train.

That thing on her head weighs 7 pounds so it isn’t practical at all! Only Celine Dion would commit to that over-the-top look but that only made her wedding look memorable for all the wrong reasons.

This is yet another proof that just because a wedding dress and accessory is expensive does not mean it will look good, too!

Bikini Wedding Dress

We’re not sure if this is even worth calling a ‘wedding dress’! But since the bride walked down the aisle wearing this, then we like to think it fits the category.

A lot of brides-to-be are conscious of their figure and do their best to stay in shape for their big day. But it seems this bride, in particular, did not have that problem whatsoever. On her wedding day, she opted to skip the big, fluffy wedding dress. Instead of a traditional wedding dress, she threw on a white two-piece bikini that is decorated with white flower accents.

This was her choice of ‘dress’ as she walked down the aisle ready to exchange vows with his groom. Not everyone would feel comfortable or have the guts to wear next to nothing as you get married in front of your family, friends, and future-in-laws. But we have to give props to this bride for her confidence. Just like the old adage would say: “If you have it, flaunt it!”

Still, it makes our list for the top 10 most hideous wedding dresses ever. And heads up to brides-to-be: stick with a dress no matter how creative or unique you want your wedding to be!

Scandalous Wedding Dress

While it isn’t nearly as scandalous as some of the other wedding dresses on this list, this dress that Lady Mary Charteris wore on her wedding day is nothing short of hideous or fitting for an aristocratic like her. It isn’t surprising given that her choice of designer for her wedding dress is the same one as Lady Gaga’s! Designed by Pam Hogg, this aristocratic model was anything but elegant as she walked down the aisle in an odd, cutaway gown.

The oddly-designed gown comes with a tulle skirt, floral headpiece, and veil. Other details of the dress were the cutaway details and the sheer sleeves. And don’t even get us started on the shoulder pads!

Whether you agree that it is hideous or not, it is undeniable that the dress had everyone’s eyes on the bride. If that is Lady Mary Charteris’ goal, then she definitely succeeded in doing that! This wedding might be a gathering of the royals but we can’t agree that this dress was made for royalty.

Matching Cake Wedding Dress

Designing a wedding theme based on your wedding dress is not so bad of an idea. But not when it is poorly executed, which is the case for this particular wedding dress. We cannot tell for sure if the wedding cake was inspired by her dress or the other way around. Regardless of that, we can agree that this wedding dress deserves a spot on this list of the most hideous wedding dresses ever.

A gorgeous print dress is something that a lot of modern brides opt for. But we are not sure if the placement of the paisley print on her dress is flattering at all. For one, it draws attention away from the bride. The print is also distracting because it was so prominently placed.

While we are impressed with how they are able to recreate the entire wedding dress and the bridal look on the cake, it is undeniably creepy. We’re not sure how this bride managed to convince her groom for a wedding cake that is dedicated solely for the bride and her bridal look. But we commend the bride for her commitment to her bridal look!

Peacock Wedding Dress

Your eyes are not deceiving you – a peacock wedding dress does exist. This wedding dress rightfully makes it to our list of the 10 most hideous wedding dresses ever as it is adorned with a bunch of peacock feathers. If that is not bad enough, the peacock feathers are also paired with a bunch of flowers that are sewn onto the bodice.

This wedding dress is the penultimate definition of over-the-top. With the bride’s penchant for bold details, it makes you feel dizzy just by looking at the dress with the amount of details and colors in it. But wait – that’s not all there is to it. Her parasol is also made with even more colorful feathers!

If you’re not convinced that this bride has a thing for feathers, then we’re not sure what will. It’s safe to say that this wedding dress is peacock overload! And for that, it is one of the worst wedding dresses ever!

Ruffle Overload

Feminine details like ruffles add a lot to make a wedding dress look elegant and whimsical…but only if they are used sparingly and tastefully. This next wedding dress on our list of the most hideous wedding dresses ever fails dramatically at its use of ruffle details. To be specific, the dress is overloaded with ruffle details that it looks tacky and over-the-top!

This wedding dress was worn by Kim Zolciak, who is a star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality TV show. The reality TV star envisioned a wedding dress that is fit for the queen. Unfortunately, she ended up looking like a piece of crumpled dirty Kleenex.

We are not sure what look Kim Zolciak was going for when she chose this dress for her wedding day. Every inch of her wedding dress was embellished with ruffle details that it was just a little too much – okay, a lot! The worst part of all is that this wedding dress came with a hefty price tag – it was reportedly worth $60,000!

We’re not sure which is more shocking – the price tag or the over-the-top ruffle embellishment. Either way, we can agree that we would not want to be caught dead wearing one!

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

You know you are wearing a hideous wedding dress when people mistake it for toilet paper on first glance! That is the case for this hideous dress that a bride wore on her wedding day. The bride claims that there is a method to this madness. She tried to go for an unconventional design by using scraps of textiles and sewing them together to create one final design for her wedding dress.

We give her kudos for her resourcefulness and bravery for trying to be bold with her style. But not all unique ideas should be pursued, as is this case with this one. The use of unconventional items made her dress look like a hodgepodge of used toilet paper! No matter how good your intentions are, the wedding dress will be judged based on the final result. And this one is definitely a no-no!

Unless she wants to make her bathroom trips go easy, we definitely think she should have re-considered before walking down the aisle with this dress!

Bubble Bath Wedding Dress

Every bride-to-be dreams of wearing the perfect wedding dress on her big day. In particular, many envision themselves as realizing their dreams of becoming a princess. Ball gowns are, therefore, a popular choice for brides because they are feminine and princess-like in shape. But this bride takes it to another level by wearing a dress that makes her look like she just stepped out of her bubble bath session.

We have to admit – if not for the overly flamboyant bottom portion that looks like a bunch of bubbles, this dress could be bearable. But the bubble skirt is so over-the-top that we’re not sure if her groom can even get as close as within two feet of her.

It is simply riddled with too many layers that it looks all over the place – but not in a good way! In fact, it looks like she might not even fit her dress through a narrow door frame!

Fairy Wedding Dress Gone Wrong

Whatever the theme was for this wedding, we simply could not pass up this wedding dress as part of our list of the most hideous wedding dresses ever. This bride looks like she is about to embark on a flight with her wing-embellished wedding dress. From her train to the details on the slit of her dress, she is adorned with wings all over. A pair of wings even protrudes from the back of her dress and onto her elbows!

While the overall design of the dress was simple and classic, it is the addition of the wing embellishments that make it downright hideous! And that does not even take into account the fact that she chose to pair her wedding dress with white boots. This is a case of a dress that has a poor theme and poor execution.

This is definitely not a fairy dress! And for this, we add it to our list of the most hideous wedding dresses without hesitation.

Which of these wedding dresses do you think was the worst of them all? Don’t forget to share your ideas if there are other hideous wedding dresses that we missed!

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