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Staying in shape and looking good are part and parcel of being a celebrity. But many celebrities have packed on a few unwelcome pounds or stopped bothering about their image. Here are 10 celebs who let themselves go.

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Russell Crowe

Remember that ripped and sexy hunk who played the role of the Gladiator? Well, that’s Russell Crowe but you could barely recognize him from the film judging by how he has let himself go. It must be stress or he just stopped caring at all that he decided to give up on his gym life.

It is hard to recognize the Aussie actor now from the earlier days of his Hollywood career. He has been known to change his body to fit a role he’s playing, just like he did when he gained 50 lbs for a role in the movie The Nice Guys. But even after he stopped filming for that movie, he continued to pack on the pounds. In fact, it seems as though he isn’t bothered much by the weight gain at all. According to him, it feels nice to pack on the extra pounds.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is one celebrity who has always been on the plump side. Even after she became the first-ever American Idol and was known as having one of the best singing voices of this generation, Clarkson could not escape the criticism of her weight.

During those early days of her career, she worked closely with a personal trainer and a nutritionist to keep up with her diet and exercise. But when she got married and had two kids, all that flew off the table. She said that she dropped the idea of exercise and diet altogether.

According to Kelly Clarkson, motherhood changed her and what she viewed as important in her life. She stopped listening to the criticism about her body and she feels happier and more confident now than ever.

Rob Kardashian

The Kardashian family has always been on the spotlight since their hit show Keeping Up with the Kardashians first aired on TV. While Rob Kardashian wasn’t as prominent of a figure on the show as her sisters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, he was still considered a celebrity. He has undergone a bunch of health struggles over the years and this was even publicly discussed in their reality show.

His health struggles started sometime in 2015 when Rob began eating unhealthy. He went on a downward spiral from there until he gained a total of 100 lbs within a year! The physical transformation he experienced affected his self-confidence and he began to suffer from insecurity. As a result, he developed a recluse lifestyle and suffered depression. He even skipped several family vacations and was part of the reason why he was not featured prominently on the recent seasons of their hit reality show.

As Rob’s depression worsened, his mom, Kris Jenner, stepped in to help by sending him to rehab. According to Kris:

“I cry myself to sleep literally every night worrying about [Rob]. It’s breaking my heart.”

However, Rob refused his mother’s offer to take him to rehab citing that he’s a grown man and he can handle it at the gym. Rob had weight loss transformation but his weight continues to fluctuate over the past few years. Here’s to hoping he could get his act together!

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn was a well-loved actor when he starred alongside Owen Wilson for the film The Wedding Crashers. Before that, the actor started his career in the 1980s wherein he appeared in minor TV roles before becoming one of Hollywood’s most popular comedy actors. In the past decade or so, Vince Vaughn has captured the hearts of his fans for his creative quips and hilarious spiels.

But while his career has slowed down a bit, it seems as though he hasn’t slowed down in packing on the extra pounds. He’s had his moments wherein he would lose weight but then he would gain it back again. It’s not too late for him to reclaim his golden days, though, so we’re hoping that he could get his act together and start taking care of himself.

Matthew Perry

During the years of filming the hit TV sitcom Friends, Matthew Perry is one cast member who had a lot of transformations throughout the years. While Perry has been open about his alcoholic problems that got him in and out of the rehab, it seems as though he has finally stopped caring about getting back into shape once the show’s final season ended.

He had a notoriously difficult time dealing with his alcoholism struggles and fans saw its impact on his body on the screen through the years. Sadly, it seems as though he has given up on staying in shape as Matthew Perry has never shed it off.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

If there is one celebrity on this list that is most shocking to us, it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Austrian-American actor, politician, and former bodybuilder has always been known for his amazing physique. In fact, before he was discovered in Hollywood, he spent most of his time during his early 20s in a gym trying to get his best shape as he would participate in various bodybuilding competitions.

He took a break from his Hollywood career to serve as governor for the state of California from 2003 to 2011. But fast forward to today, the actor that was once known for his sculpted physique is a far cry from his current shape. Instead of the sculpted muscles, he’s only got extra pounds and layers of fat to show.

Jessica Simpson

The Texan singer and fashion designer had a breakout in the music industry during the late 1990s and early 2000s when she released one hit after another. Since releasing her debut album, Jessica Simpson became the next big thing in the American pop music industry. In fact, the Southern belle was also known as one of sex symbols during this time. She exemplified the American sweetheart persona with her blonde hair, good looks, amazing physique, and a powerful voice. It seemed as though she had it all.

But after her divorce from Nick Lachey and her pregnancy, Jessica struggled to lose her post-pregnancy weight. The reality TV star and pop singer could not get her perfect shape back and she was even vocal about her insecurities about body issues. She was also unable to get her singing career back on track.

Kirstie Alley

When it comes to the list of celebrities who let themselves go, Kirstie Alley is one of the names that often comes to mind first. The American actress has always been public about her weight loss struggles and it’s one that she has had for quite a few years throughout her career.

She first shot into the Hollywood limelight when she starred in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in 1982. The actress had her ups and downs when it came to her weight loss journey. The fact that she struggled with weight loss has made her experience relatable. The good thing about her struggle is that many plus sized women looked up to her and she embraced the idea of being a role model for them.

In a 2014 interview, Kirstie Alley gave a good perspective about her struggle with her weight saying:

“Losing weight is losing weight, but just because you're skinny doesn't mean you're happy.”

By 2016, she had resigned to the idea of losing weight. Instead, the actress cited that she wanted to focus more on maintaining her current weight.

Britney Spears

Once known as a sex symbol, Britney Spears went from being the pretty pop star that most girls wanted to be like to a mentally unstable and out of shape woman struggling with motherhood. We can’t really blame Britney for letting herself go. She started her career as a pop star at such a young age when she starred in the Mickey Mouse Club alongside other pop artists like Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake.

Since her debut album release at the young age of 18, Britney has not had a break from the limelight. Her glamorous success was a far-cry from her internal struggles. Who could forget it when Britney shaved her head in 2007? Or when she got married in Las Vegas in 2004 only for it to be annulled 55 hours later?

Britney Spears has had her moments throughout her career. Two kids later, she hasn’t got her mojo back. In fact, she was never quite the same shape as she used to be when she was known as a sex symbol… and will probably never get it back.

Lindsay Lohan

Remember that pretty lady who starred in the hit movies like Mean Girls and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? Lindsay Lohan was a household name in the early 2000s when her career was at its peak. She starred in several movies and also recorded her own album. But her acting and singing career is all but a faint memory now as she is one of those celebrities who have completely let themselves go.

Today, when people mention Lindsay Lohan, it’s to refer to her as America’s favorite troubled teen. She is someone who is treated with scorn and sexism. It is unfortunate, indeed, but it’s undeniable given Lindsay’s few brushes with the law. It started with her struggles with bulimia and then two arrests that came in 2007. Lindsay was arrested when she was found in possession of cocaine, as well as charged with driving under the influence. The actress also had several stints in rehab.

After being the favorite subject for tabloid coverage in nearly a decade, Lindsay Lohan’s career has never recovered. During her 30s, she has stayed mostly out of the spotlight – and we do think that it’s actually what is best for her personally.

Did we miss any celebrity on this list? Share with us your thoughts on other celebrities who let themselves go!

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