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A tirade on Twitter, or a controversial Facebook or Instagram post – all it takes is just one post to ruin a celebrity’s career. The ten celebrities on this list know this too well. In this list, we will be looking at the celebrities who saw their fame and career take a crash soon after their controversial posts on social media.

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Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is one of those Hollywood celebrities who can’t seem to get out of trouble. She isn’t one who is afraid to throw her hat into the ring when it comes to Twitter feuds. With her in charge of her Twitter account, no one is safe – and she isn’t shy about voicing her thoughts. But she saw her career go downhill because of her unapologetically controversial tweets.

Previously, she has made fun and blasted jokes at Mexicans, Asians, and gay people on her Twitter account.

But her career got a hit when she was forced to cancel a headlining gig in 2015 because of her tweets in the past. This gig was supposedly at the Pittsburgh Gay Pride event. Many of the organizers and attendees call on her to be kicked off the show’s list of performers given that she has attacked the LGBTQ community in the past.

Iggy has issued a statement about this saying:

“I am truly disappointed that I have to share this news, but I will no longer be performing at Pittsburgh Pride…” She cited the following as a reason for the cancellation: “I feel my participation at this point would only serve to further distract from the true purpose of the event.”

While most of her anti-gay and anti-LGBTQ tweets have since been deleted, they continue to resurface on the internet. Iggy Azalea’s career has not been able to bounce back after that.

While her recent tweets had been mellow, she still can’t escape her troubled past with controversial tweets.

Julianne Hough

Dancing with the Stars alum adds to the list of celebrities who ruined their careers because of social media. The media frenzy started when she showed up to a 2013 Halloween party in black face – specifically as Crazy Eyes from the hit series Orange is the New Black. When asked about her decision to wear that costume, Hough cited that she thought it was a hilarious idea for a Halloween costume. Even her pal, Isla Fisher, knew that this idea is not going to be well-received on social media. In fact, Fisher said that she asked her friend to go to the bathroom to wipe her face off, but it was apparently too late.

She was already pictured with the costume and the black makeup on her face and that picture ended up online. By the following day, Julianne Hough was bombarded with tweets and asked her to issue a public apology.

Following the backlash on her costume idea on social media, and photos of her with the costume all over the internet, Hough had no other choice but to issue a public statement. In her official statement, Hough wrote:

I am a huge fan of the show Orange Is the New Black, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created. It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize.

But it was a case of too little too late. The damage on social media has been done and it definitely left a bitter taste on everyone’s mouth.

Amanda Bynes

Ever since her days at Nickelodeon were over, Amanda Bynes looked like she was headed nowhere. Sure, she was cute and charismatic – sometimes even funny - but if her Twitter account was any proof, then something bad was about to happen. She carried her success from her Nickelodeon days and the fame seems to have gotten to her.

She initially retired her Twitter account when she was only 24 years old. Then, she got back to using Twitter again. Honestly, many would have wished she stayed off Twitter for good. For one, she tweeted that Jay-Z has an ugly face. Then, she followed that up with some offensive tweets to Drake. She even went as far as to tweet the President of the United States to fire a cop that arrested her. Talk about unstable!

As of the moment, all of her previous tweets had been deleted. Her most recent post is a selfie of her promoting her Instagram page.

Donald Trump

Speaking of the President, Donald Trump himself is guilty of a few crazy tweets of his own. He has never been known to mince his words when it comes to posting on his social media account, especially on Twitter. Sure, his tweets have not ruined his career yet as he is still the most powerful man in the US but it has definitely caused massive hatred towards him.

Donald Trump has been stirring up trouble on Twitter even before he took the seat as President. He even chimed in on the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson breakup.

That isn’t the only one, though. He also had a few nasty comments when Katy Perry tied the knot with comedian Russell Brand. He called the union a ‘joke’ but it turns out he made a complete joke of himself.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown will forever be known as the guy who committed domestic abuse on his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. He literally got away from that case and you would think that Chris Brown would go low profile after that. Nope. Instead, he would regularly drop homophobic slurs and rants on his Twitter feed.  But he had been known to immediately delete those tweets after.

In 2010, he even went on a Twitter feud with B2K’s Raz-B when the latter tweeted:

I’m just sittin here Thinking how can [expletive] like @ebenet (Eric Benet]) & @ChrisBrown disrespect women as Intelligent as @HalleBerry11 and @Rihanna.

This, obviously, did not sit well with Chris Brown and he went on a tirade in response to that post. Since then, Chris Brown’s music career has never recovered.

John Mayer

John Mayer’s career took a downward spiral following an interview with Playboy in 2010. When asked if he had hooked up with black women before, he referred to his private part as “white supremacist”. This comment definitely did not bode well with the readers and Mayer quickly turned to his Twitter to issue a public apology.

In his Twitter post, he says:

Re: using the 'N word' in an interview: I am sorry that I used the word. And it's such a shame that I did because the point I was trying to make was in the exact opposite spirit of the word itself. It was arrogant of me to think I could intellectualize using it…

He continues with his passive-aggressive Twitter apology saying:

And while I'm using today for looking at myself under harsh light, I think it's time to stop trying to be so raw in interviews.

But no one took his BS seriously, even after he has cleaned up his act on Twitter.

Perez Hilton

When it comes to social media controversy, Perez Hilton is no stranger. But in a 2010 tweet, he took things too far that many of his fans believed was the turning point to seeing his career take a huge tumble. The concerned social media post was a photo of Miley Cyrus’ privates that he posted on his Twitter account. The worst part is that the photo was taken when Miley was still underage. And second of all, it was a gross violation of a person’s privacy!

For this social media fiasco, Perez Hilton lost his endorsers and he received tons of criticisms on the media. In fact, he was threatened for jail time!

Perez Hilton backtracked on this post claiming that it was a ‘fake’ photo and it was all done as a joke! But there is simply no way to recover from that social media fiasco!

Meek Mill

Meek Mill stirred up controversy on Twitter by using his social media account to take a jab at Toronto-based rapper Drake. According to him, he was tired of being constantly compared to Drake. He posted a series of manic tweets wherein he accused Drake of not writing his own songs.

Throughout Meek Mill’s tirade on Twitter, Drake took the high road and never responded to any of the former’s accusations towards him. He let Meek Mill dig a deeper hole for himself. But even when Drake was staying quiet, he was aware of it all.

In a screenshot of a message posted by battle rapper Hitman Holla, Drake’s only response to Meek Mill’s tirade was this:

I signed up for greatness. This comes with it.

Azealia Banks

From one Twitter drama to another, Azealia Banks is another celebrity who single-handedly ruined her career because of her Twitter tirades. She had a history of Twitter beefs with Iggy Azalea, A$AP Rocky, Pharell, and Lady Gaga – you name it!

But she crossed the line when she posted a series of offensive tweets directed towards former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. When Zayn released the video for his song Like I Would, Banks accused him of copying her style. This led to a series of homophobic and racial tweets. This, obviously, caused a lot of frenzy online with Twitter users letting her know what they felt about her offensive tweets.

In the end, she lost a lot of fans and was even kicked off the London Born & Bred Festival lineup that year.

Kanye West

When talking about the list of controversial celebrities on social media, there is one name that isn’t missing on the list – Kanye West. Kanye has had plenty of controversies in the past that he has mastered the art of the Twitter rant.

He has gone after a number of celebrities such as Amber Rose, Whiz Khalifa, and the most talked about of them all – Taylor Swift. He even went as far as asking Mark Zuckerberg to give him money – and he did that more than once! His social media presence has made him a joke – and it’s an image that he has completely embraced, however unfortunate that is!

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